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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Overview 😇

Who We Are.

We are a group of fellow, young Trojans living in Los Angeles, CA that knows what it's like to be a college student. We've seen that USC students are burdened with a plethora of priorities, pulling them in a hundred different directions, and that they don't have the time to worry about cleaning their rooms. We understand the value of time, and that is why we created Neatly.

What is Neatly?

Neatly is your personal assistant around the home. We are human and come to you in a team of 2 cleaning specialists. Our teamwork makes the dream work, and allows us to accomplish our tasks in much shorter job frames than the other guys.

We will clean your room, load your laundry into your laundry machine, empty your trash, make your bed and tuck in your pillow pets. It's really up to you. You book us for a certain time frame, and if we can accomplish the task in that time frame, we will do it.

🤓 FAQ 🤓

Q1. Which of the 3 menu items is right for me?

We offer 3 menu items: the Quickie 🔥 . the MORNING AFTER 🍷 . and the DETOX 💆.

All options include 2 cleaners which allows us to do more work in less time.

These are the differences:

Choose the Quickie 🔥 if:

You want us in and out of your place quickly. We are in and out of your place in under 1.5 hours. During that time we clean up all surfaces, giving you a clean and care free place.

Choose the Morning After 🍷 if:

There are areas that need a real scrub down like bathrooms or kitchens that haven't been touched. This gives you about two hours and half, but in that time we can get all the hard to reach places.

Choose the DETOX 💆 if:

You haven't cleaned in a month. No judgements, we have all been there. You've had a few parties. You let the dishes in the sink build and know the mess is so big no one wants to touch it. That's when the detox comes into play. When the mess becomes too big for you to handle, don't stress, call us and we'll do the rest.

Q2. What’s the latest I can call for same day service?

We will do our best to work with you and your schedule, please call us and we will determine your appointment based on available scheduling.

Q3. Does Neatly clean carpet?

We do offer vacuuming but for a deeper cleaning we will recommend you to another trusted carpet cleaning service.

Q4. What if I just want a certain area cleaned?

No job is too big or too small, call in and ask us about our secret menu, by request only. Feel free to text or email us pictures.

Q5. Can we trust Neatly staff around our personal belongings?

Absolutely. We do a background check on our entire staff to ensure that you and your personal belongings are safe.

Q6. Do I provide cleaning supplies or equipment?

No. Every Neatly team member comes prepared with all the cleaning supplies necessary. However, because Neatly is flexible, if requested and provided, we are happy to clean with your preferred products.

Q7. What happens if I need to reschedule my cleaning service?

Simply manage and reschedule your cleanings through your personal portal and Neatly login. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs, no cancellation fee required. We send you email and text reminders so you always have the chance to cancel before any fees are occured.

Q8. I have pets, will that be an issue?

Neatly loves pets! We use all natural, and organic cleaning products to ensure your pets don't inhale or ingest harsh chemicals.

Q9. How soon can I stop worrying about this dirty environment?

We can have some one out same day or at latest the next.

Q10. What does Neatly do?

Neatly is a residential cleaning company with experience. Our professional cleaning team gives you more time to enjoy your college experience, weekend activities and a clean home. We offer a variety of cleaning options from weekly cleanings to a one-time, special home cleaning to help move-ins, move-outs, holidays and parties run more smoothly!

Q11. What if my Neatly cleaner missed a spot?

Our Neatly team members offer consistent, quality home cleaning. Like all new relationships, however, miscommunications can occur, but we will do our best to meet your needs. If you are not 100% satisfied, we offer a house cleaning service guarantee. If you contact within 24 hours, our house cleaning staff will correct their mistake at no charge.

Q12. Do I have to be home while you’re cleaning?

No, our staff is capable of cleaning while you’re at class or away, we have background checked and employed all of our employees.

Q13. Who does Neatly hire to clean my home?

Our cleaning professionals are trained, bonded and insured before stepping into our Neatly uniforms. Our residential Neatly team members respect customers by never eating, drinking, smoking or using appliances during home cleanings. And each Neatly employee takes pride in their work, receiving regularly updated training and supervision to ensure quality-cleaning service.

Q14. Do you come to me?

We come to you, and clean your room or apartment.

We specialize in luxury student apartments, and in particular service The Lorenzo, Gateway, Icon, Tuscany, West 27th, and New Mansion apartments. But we can be spotted as well on USC campus by Webb Tower, New North and Trojan Hall. If you live in the dorms, we recommend our Semester Plan.

The University Park Neighborhood in zip code 90007.. is where we call home.

We can come straight to your room, or if there is gated access meet you in the lobby. We know what we are doing and where to go. Simply provide your room number.

Outside our service area but still nearby?

We can come to you and provide our same service, however we reserve the right to charge a transportation fee.

Q15. How to Book your first cleaning appointment

Welcome to Neatly!

Once you are ready to book your first cleaning appointment, simply "click" "BOOK ONLINE" button found at the top of your screen.

Book online in less than 60 seconds!

Q16. How to Pay

We accept Venmo !

Add us as a Venmo friend @ Neatly-Cleaning. You'll know it's us by our mustache logo.

We accept all major credit cards. Yes, including American Express!

If you would like to pay via Venmo, still check out by filling out your credit card information in our booking form.

As soon as you hit "Book Now," you will receive instructions on how to Venmo Neatly.

Your credit card will not be charged if you Venmo us.

Q17. How to Cancel?

We understand, things happen. The one and only way to cancel, is to cancel online. Login to your Neatly account, and cancel. We are a 100% online system. You may NOT cancel by phone, text, email, carrier pigeon, etc. as these will not be communicated to us in time, and are not monitored for this purpose. It is better to cancel via your login, than to not provide notice and in result be charged a 100% of your service no-access fee.

Q18. What is your 200% happiness guarantee policy?

If you're not happy with your first cleaning, we will come out and make it right with a re-clean (within a 7 day window). If you still don't think we did a good enough job to recommend us to your friends, we'll refund your money. Applicable to first time customers.

200 x 😀 😃 😄