Become your own manager.

**Please note:

  • All bookings are entered as a “request” and must be confirmed to ensure that we have the date and time you choose available.

  • The calendar function of our site, displays “requests” only and sometimes “placeholders” for internal use, however, we always issue written confirmations via SMS or Email as the calendar is only an online scheduling tool for viewing your “requests” but not necessarily “Confirmations”

  • You know that your appointment is confirmed, because we will always issue you an "Acceptance Letter" in writing, as well as a text or email reminder.

  • Reminders are a free service that you may sign up for, however, they may not always be issued for various reasons; lack of a reminder does NOT invalidate your confirmation or obligation to provide access for service; it is always ultimately your responsibility to maintain your schedule and appointments

  • There is a $50 re-schedule fee for appointments moved less than 48 hours before an appointment if you are a recurring customer and a $100 if you are a one-time customer.

  • There is a 100% of your booking cancellation fee for late cancellations or no-access provided. Please make changes as far in advance as possible.