By clicking the “Book Now” button, you are entering a binding legal agreement with the following provisions:

1. Communications Policy:

Please email for all questions and inquiries.

New clients: We are an online platform, and embrace the use of technology to deliver the best experience. For this reason we do not offer phone support at this time for inquiries unless you are a Neatly client already and on a support plan. We deliver all support online or through the use of the latest technology.

Current customers: We are an online platform, and embrace the use of technology to deliver the best experience. If you are a Neatly client, you may sign up for an applicable support plan, separate from your cleaning plan, for the type of support you elect to receive.

2. Payments; we don’t sell cleanings, we sell time

Payment is based on time or hours RESERVED. Completing the appointment with time to spare, is in no way a reason for refund, and is actually an added value to you, as you now get to enjoy a clean home quicker, and ahead of schedule. Your pro(s) may use their years of experience and expertise to deliver a result quicker and add more value to you.

3. Store credit

Store credit is the only remedy that may be offered by the company, at its sole discretion, for any and all claims. No refunds offered for service rendered. As you can understand, your pro(s) expend significant time, supplies, use of body, equipment, gas, and use of vehicle and transportation costs, and cannot recover these costs once expended which they rely on your service fee to cover. Store credit never to exceed the proceeds of what you have spent with the company in the last 6 months.

4. Cancellations

Cancellation Policy for service requesters
Type Description Fee Exception
Free Grace Period 0 - 24 Hrs since clicked "Book Now" FREE same-day or next-day service
With Sufficient Notice Between 24 Hrs after clicked "Book Now" and 48 Hrs in advance of service date 50% store credit offered back to you NONE
Not enough notice Less than 48 hours notice before service date unable to refund or credit NONE
SOURCE: your service agreement. 
  Login to your account to cancel; we do not monitor, receive, or accept cancellations via sms or email
Fees for No Access provided, No Check-in, and Wait Time auto-billed to Service Requesters
Type Description Fee Exception
No Access You fail to provide access to your service address within 15 minutes of provider's arrival 100% service fee NONE
No Check-in You fail to check-in in advance( 24 hrs notice) like for an airline flight 100% service fee NONE
Wait Time Your appointment clock starts 2 min after provider arrival. $0.59/minute/per provider NONE
SOURCE: your service agreement

5. Support

NOTICE: Free support plans do not include phone support.

Please email for all support.

We are an online platform, and embrace the use of technology to deliver the best experience. For this reason we do not offer phone support at this time, unless you are on an applicable support plan, and deliver all support online or through the use of the latest technology.

Support Plan

Features FREE Basic Pro Luxe
Phone Support
Live Chat Support
SMS Text Support
Email Support
Personal Conceirge Personal Conceirge
Expected Response Time 3-5 Business days 2-3 Business day Next Business day Same-day
Price FREE $39/mo $99/mo Inquire


To Reserve a booking, place an online “service request.” We will get in touch shortly after receiving your request. While you can inquire about our services via SMS or Email, the only way to officially hold your spot is to place a “service request” through our online booking system.


Track the status of your cleaner, or request a schedule change (notice required).

5. Estimate policy

Welcome, we are excited to meet you and make your place fresh and clean. We strongly emphasize that all appointments are ESTIMATES and no time slots are GUARANTEED ARRIVALS unless you purchased an optional guaranteed arrival. It is very possible that your cleaning pro(s) may be delayed by their prior appointments or that your appointment may delay their arrival to their next appointment. Additionally, parking and traffic may result in delays. It is your responsibility to allow arrival and access on your service date even if the estimated time is delayed. Thank you, and let’s start this off right.

6. Independent Cleaning Professionals

Neatly Cleaning Referral Agency is not the employer of the domestic worker it referred to you. The domestic worker may be your employee or an independent contractor depending on the relationship you have with him or her. If you direct and control the manner and means by which the domestic worker performs his or her work you may have employer responsibilities, including employment taxes and worker’s compensation, under state and federal law. For additional information contact your local Employment Development Department and the Internal Revenue Service.


7. Permanent Domestic Referral Placement

A client can hire an independent cleaner for permanent domestic referral placement and work directly with the cleaner, without going through Neatly Cleaning Referral Agency. If you wish to do so, we can send additional information. There is a minimum $10,000 fee for the services of securing a domestic helper/employee. Soliciting a cleaner directly, indirectly, or off-platform for private placement will result in a minimum $10,000 placement fee.